10TIHAY: #1 – Willow Creek (2013)

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Willow Creek


PLOT: A couple go on a road trip to find the site where the ‘original’ Bigfoot footage was filmed. The boyfriend is obsessed with Bigfoot being real and the whole trip is his idea. The girlfriend is doing it as a favour as it’s his birthday during the time they travel.



And now time for what’s AWFUL with this movie:

  1. Slow intro, boring middle, anti-climatic ending.
  2. Too short to convey any REAL substance for a horror film.
  3. The audio is CLEARLY recorded on a different mic to the handheld one the ‘boyfriend’ is using. (Small detail but it’s soo annoying when this technique is used on ‘found footage’ movies)
  4. The long scene in the tent at night is obviously influenced by The Blair Witch Project but nowhere near as effective.
  5. A lot of camera shaking and noises. We don’t actually see anything happen
  6. Before this movie began, the TV announcer said,’ Warning! This film contains strong language.’ So for a horror film that’s really not saying much..
  7. This is one of those films with completely unknown actors which would work well in a ‘found footage’ film, IF, the film was any good in the first place! But it makes you think why was this made anyway(?) It’s the kind of film a student would make as a portfolio of their work and yet it’s made it’s way onto TV!!
  8. This film mainly consists of noises in the distance; mainly strange ‘vocalisations’ that the boyfriend constantly comments on and also rocks being hit together. This is to make us believe in Bigfoot and build the tension..
  9. For most of the film it feels like the actress playing the girlfriend is carrying more of the acting weight than the guy playing the boyfriend.
  10. A man who warns the couple not to drive any further is such a pointless character, he has no pay-off within the film and we’re to believe at the back of our minds throughout the film that it’s him messing with the couple; making all the noises in the forest.



My Rating – 3/10  |  IMDB – 5.1/10  |  Rotten Tomatoes – 86%



MY RECOMMENDATION: For a BRILLIANT ‘found footage’ film go to Troll Hunter. Easily the best! It’s funny, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s got brilliant CGI for a small budget looking movie and you actually get to SEE the monsters… It’s got a brilliant narrative, it’s not like the trolls are oblivious to the government and it’s more of a ‘clean-up’ situation going on.

Available in the UK on DVD!! & Blu-ray!!

Available WORLDWIDE on Ebay!!





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