#15 – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2


Written & directed by:  James Gunn


Chris Pratt

Zoe Saldana

Bradley Cooper

Dave Bautista

Michael Rooker

Kurt Russell




I felt bad watching this new one as I’d only seen the first one around the time it came out and was going to watch the first one before seeing the second but never got round to it. So I felt a bit empty handed going into this one. But I got a quick recap from my sister’s boyfriend to remind me on what the hell happened before! It seemed to be just an explosion of colour, music and action with not much of a plot as far as I could remember. But after seeing this second one, I now realise that’s exactly what the second one is and the first one was better plot-wise.


PLOT: …Star Lord finds out who is father is?…. That’s about all I can really tell you. I couldn’t even ruin it for you because that is literally IT!


So as I said, the plot is very simplistic. It’s all about Star Lord finding out who his father is and them getting to know each other whilst the rest of the Guardians hang onto their coat tails for the whole bumpy ride!

There weren’t many planets visited in this movie. I’m in no way comparing it to any other sci-fi movies as that’s not fair. It just felt really claustrophobic for me with the settings of this movie as most of the action takes place either in the Guardians’ spaceship or on Star Lord’s Father’s home planet. When I watch a sci-fi film I wanna see plenty of planets and space action. I mean come on, you’re in SPACE. It’s infinite. Let’s see some of that!

I felt like there were too many jokes. More than the first one from what I can remember. It felt like overkill. Every time something serious happened, they ruined it by making a joke to not seem like the movie is taking itself too seriously. Sometimes a bit of pathos is needed especially to contrast the constant humour of a film like this. It worked well in the first film but as I said, it felt like overkill this time.


The soundtrack was great as usual but you can’t help thinking they’re going to milk that aspect of the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise after the success of the first film’s soundtrack and just turn it into a ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ thing. Which, if that happens, is a shame because they have some GREAT characters to work with. They played ‘The Chain‘ by Fleetwood Mac a couple of times but never played the most famous part of the song and probably one of the most famous bass lines!! What is wrong with them?! They clearly love the music but don’t play the most famous part of the song!


A few things wrong with the film was there were too many cameos from people WAY too famous to keep you within the Guardians of the Galaxy, even the Marvel universe! It was like a roster of people whose agents told them the first film was a huge hit they gotta get a part, however small, in the second one. It was like watching The Expendables franchise. Which is ironic when talking about this particular Marvel film… It was a bit embarrassing and sad to watch.

The film visually was like walking through a huge art exhibition! A visual feast! So many colours, explosions, and CGI FX. And that’s the problem. There are way too many CGI FX. I would have preferred some practical FX like in Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens; it felt like going back in time and stepping into the future at the same time. But Guardians was just one huge Canadian’s wet dream! (A lot of CGI is done in Canada these days)

I will say one thing about the special FX though, they made Kurt Russell look young in the most UNBELIEVABLE way possible. It looked mostly just make up and dyed hair band I’m sure there was some CGI touch ups but it looked so good it just made you smile because it made you think of all the great films Kurt Russell made when he was the age he’s supposed to be in that moment in Guardians. I really hope this is a resurgence for Kurt Russell’s career because he’s a very underrated actor in my opinion and can do a multitude of acting styles. I recommend watching him as Elvis Presley in Elvis!!



These Guardians films are rare in the Marvel universe in that they’re still separate (sort of) from the other films that are starting to join up. So treasure them! Because they are a good way to spend over 2 hours. Never a dull moment!


My Rating – 6/10  |  IMDB – 8.1/10  |  Rotten Tomatoes – 81%





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