About Me

Hey so this is my first blog ever!

(Here’s an obligatory ‘moody-journalist’ type picture to prove how much I’m into movies..) 🙄


I watch a lot of movies and it’s a shared 1st love I have along with music. A friend of mine recommended I make a blog on WordPress to share my opinions. You can check out her blogs here: https://anythinglive.wordpress.com   &   https://mymusicvideothoughtsblog.wordpress.com

The point of this page is to review any movies I watch and as I watch between 2-3 movies a day sometimes, hopefully this will be a busy blog for everyone.

This blog is a part time thing as i also write and produce my own music: www.josephrogers.org

All the reviews I write will all be my own opinions, so before any trolls or maniacs get on here and start accusing me of being wrong, it’s just opinions! 😉 It’s also my aim to reopen the IMDB message boards on here which they recently closed on their website. So let’s get the chat flowing! 🙂

I hope you get a kick out of reading it! I’ll be posting one every Tuesday and I’ll try and keep them as exciting as possible so people don’t lose the will to live.




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